The January JustKS! Farm and Ranch to Table Dinner was Sold Out!

We’re a little late getting around to writing about our January JustKS! Farm and Ranch to Table dinner. It was a sold out affair and we’re happy to report than everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Our thanks to Chef Luis for working so diligently with us on the menu. We also would be remiss in not thanking the hard work of every Kansas farmer and rancher that produced every product we used. They were all awesome!


Planning and facilitating a menu like this takes quite a bit of coordination. When we go to a grocery store, we are often concerned more with convenience than with the origin of the goods. When you are coordinating a dinner like this, where nearly every ingredient is local, in January, it takes a lot of thought and planning. Essentially, you have to reverse your thought about what you are going to serve from having a certain recipe in mind and then seeking out the ingredients, to seeing what is available and then building a recipe from that.


All of us at Prairie Fire Winery & The Local Depot want to thank each attendee for trusting us that his would be spectacular. Without you, these events wouldn’t happen. We love hosting these events and we are already preparing for our next event. We hope to see you there!


IMG_4824 JustKS! January Farm and Ranch to Table Dinner Menu IMG_4827

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