When We Say local, We Mean: Local, Local, Local…

We are excited and proud to be the exclusive, only, you won’t find it anywhere else in a brick and mortar retailer of Rob & Catherine Pepper’s book “Cheeks and Pug Travel the World.” This is a well written book with a great message for both children and adults.

Given that Rob & Catherine wrote this as a fundraiser for the Northeast Kansas Parkinson Association, you can understand how we felt this needed to be sold at The Local Depot. (Local, Local, Local!) All of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to benefit the Northeast Kansas Parkinson Association.

If you have attended one of our charitable activities, you know it is important to us that you know exactly how much of your money is going from us to the organization. So here goes: We buy the book from Rob & Catherine for $10. We sell the book to you for $10. We keep $0. It’s that simple.

Local authors & The Local Depot, partnered to benefit a local organization. Could it be more local?

The book makes a great gift or a just great read for yourself. Stop by The Local Depot and purchase a copy today!

Thanks for thinking Local, Local, Local!

"Cheeks and Pug" is available at the Local Depot!

“Cheeks and Pug Travel The World” is available at the Local Depot!


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